Unlimited SMS plans
are very common nowadays
Why not use them?

Many of us have the chance
to own an unlimited SMS plan
Why pay again for SMS?

How it works?

1 Write your message

Text messages you write from your dashboard or from the Chrome extension are sent to our ProWebSms server

2 Your smartphone has got a job!

ProWebSms server will push these SMS to your smartphone where ProWebSms app is installed.
Your smartphone is mandated to send your SMS!

3 Send immediately or schedule

If the SMS is to be sent immediately, your smartphone will send it. Otherwise the sending operation will be delayed (example: scheduled SMS)

4 When SMS is sent

Your correspondent will receive the SMS on his mobile, whether it is an iPhone or basic phone,
it doesn't matter.
Remember that SMS works everywhere!

What about incoming SMS?

When a SMS is received on your smartphone it is forwarded to our servers where it will be parsed scrupulously looking for callbacks or keywords you defined. This allows you to do cool stuff like:

  • Create rules such "STOP SMS" unsubscribe rules.
  • Receive your SMS via email.
  • Receive your SMS as desktop notifications.
  • Forward SMS to your ecommerce site if you are using the Automatic Product Review by SMS solution.
  • Forward SMS to another web service.
  • Forward to your Arduino and turn on your coffee maker…