Send SMS to customer on registration from Shopify

Modify your Shopify registration form to capture telephone field.

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The phone number is not captured by default Shopify registration form. We have to edit the template to be able to capture the phone number. In this blog post we will update the registration form to capture the phone number. Phone number will be sent as note. See shopify documentation for a full overview on how to edit a shopify template and get more information with the customer registration form.

Capture the phone number

When you reach the "Adding a form field" section of shopify documentation, you can add the following snippet to capture the phone number:

<div class="clearfix large_form"> <label for="telephone" class="label">Phone</label> <input type="telephone" value="" name="customer[note][phone]" id="telephone" class="text" size="30" /> </div> shopify liquid customer register template edit Don't forget to save your new template and complete the tutorial.

Sending SMS

Now that you can capture the telephone, smshare will extract the phone number from the shopify webhook data by looking at the phone note, and send SMS to customer on registration.


In this quick tutorial we saw how to edit the shopify regitration form to capture the phone number field. The phone number is sent to smshare server as a note. Smshare is prepared to retrieve the phone number from the note and send the SMS to the customer. Don't forget to customize the SMS message with some marketing techniques.

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