Automatic Product Reviews by SMS

The shortest path to publish lot of real product reviews to your site

The most innovent use of SMS for internet companies

While customers reviews increase conversion rates, SMS open rate exceeds 99%.
From analysis of these 2 facts, the automatic product review by SMS system was crafted.

Act 1

Few days after a purchase, an automatic but customized SMS is sent to the customer asking for her feedback

Act 2

Customer receives the SMS, opens it, writes down his review about your product or service and replies back

Act 3

The SMS containing the customer response goes to your site where it is transformed into a product review and published on the right page

SMS response is published automatically on your site for the right product and the right customer nickname.

You receive an email informing you that a new review is waiting for your validation.

Search engine spiders like unique content that is regularly updated, and user reviews are a great way to create more of this

Already available for Opencart

Ready for any custom integration with your site

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